The Peculiar Case of the Verb ‘to be’

I try to approach self-realization from as many directions as possible, so as to aid seekers to realize their true nature. That is the reason for this blog to exist. I try to keep religious terms out as much as I can, so as to not bar these most valuable teachings from potential awakeners.

To those who call themselves spiritual seekers or seekers of Truth, what is it exactly that you are trying to seek ? Either you embarked upon this path when something you read or saw or experienced made you question the nature of reality and made you say that there is something more to this superficial existence, or an event or a situation came up that led to tremendous, unbearable suffering which made you look for deliverance from this psychological pain, or maybe something else that pushed you onto this path perhaps. But, do you know what you are looking for ? If you don’t, how will you find it ? If you do, how do you know what it is supposed to be like ? Here is a spoiler, it is like nothing, because it is nothing tangible with any characteristics or measurements.

nothingness-b-klibanLet us try to understand some English grammer¬†– verbs in particular.¬†A verb is an activity, of sorts. It is an activity that we seem to have control over¬†-to cycle, to jump, to aim, to type, to read, to ponder, etc. But there is literally one verb in all of English language that is out of our control. The verb – to be. It is not something that one can do. You are already¬†be-ing. You can never stop be-ing.¬†This sounds like a very simple statement to make, but you really need to sit and ponder over this and realize the profundity of it.¬†To be¬†means¬†is-ness.¬†This¬†is-ness¬†is out of our control. If I tell you to stop¬†be-ing,¬†you will say that you can’t just stop¬†be-ing. Maybe you might argue that you could kill yourself, and then you will stop¬†be-ing.¬†You still need to take the assistance of the verb¬†to kill,¬†so you could maybe stop¬†be-ing.¬†You can’t just stop¬†be-ing at the flick of a switch. You think that you can even control something subtle like, your breathing, but you cannot stop¬†be-ing.¬†This is because you are that¬†being-ness. Your subtlest, most truest nature.

When you try to describe this being-ness,  you always fall short of words because it has no definable characteristics. Words, by nature, are limited in what they mean, but the being-ness is unlimited by nature. It is the blank screen onto which, your egoic identity and the world is projected upon. This being-ness is before the person becomes apparent. It is like the limitless space, devoid of any color, before the blue of the sky becomes apparent.

Have you tried to question your being-ness all your life, or have you taken it for granted, because there were better things to do, perhaps ? No matter what words you choose to use, be it awareness or beingness or consciousness, this inward study of your own nature is of utmost importance, and the most noblest of pursuits.

5 thoughts on “The Peculiar Case of the Verb ‘to be’

    1. Seeing this intellectually is where the metamorphosis begins to transform your life. But, you must continue to proceed until this knowledge goes beyond being intellectual and becomes experiential in nature. There is a slight difference between the two, which will be contrasting enough to make out, the more you practice it and hone your ability to differentiate between the ‘you’ and the ‘not you’. It is subtle, yet very real. In my case, this realization took me out of the whole equation and left an untainted, wide screen of consciousness, before any interpretations and perceptions. It sounds really grand, mystical and special when tried to be defined in words, but it really is the most simplest. There is no singular entity called ‘me’, to whom joyful or sorrowful experiences come to. There is no individual to whom liberation comes to. The liberation is from the individual. When this is known, one can spend the remainder of their lives in the bliss of an undisturbed union with their true self. It is easier than saying the letter ‘A’, or even easier than the act of breathing itself. And therefore, a very realizable worthy pursuit. Everything is in a state of constant flux. But, it is so, only over the background of the unchanging be-ingness that I am. Hope this helps.


      1. Sounds uplifting. But how do u know for 100% sure it s not a phase. Has suffering completely ended uptill now for u?


  1. It is critical to define what ‘suffering’ here means. The only suffering that I talk about is psychological suffering. That broken tape recorder in the head that wants to recreate pleasurable experiences, and replays annoying and sorrowful experiences again and again. I don’t talk about the physical suffering, as the body is still bound by elements and natural forces and is meant for decay.

    The psychological suffering has ceased fully and completely since last December, never to rear its’ head up again. If there is no singular, solitary ‘me’, then to whom will the suffering happen to ? It is as simple as that. Pondering over non-duality teachings shows us our folly, when we take ourselves to be either the body and the mind. We seem to have a collection of ideas, beliefs, opinions, judgements,etc which collectively as a bundle is identified as a personality called so-and-so. An idea or belief or opinion or judgement that is true for me, might not be true for you. What I have is a point of view from the position of that person at best. What is true for me, but not you, is a relative idea at best. It cannot be the Absolute. It might be day for me, but night for you, so the time of the day is relative to us. But, for the sake of the sun, it will assert that it is Absolute and for all, at any given time of the day. The sun doesn’t know of night because it is always shining in its’ own light. Night on the other hand is not created by any external element that spreads darkness. Night is simply the absence of sunlight.


    1. Thank you for your response. Yes i meant the psychilogical suffering. Pain of the body is not suffering.

      It strange i have read all the things u have said before. Had what they call a kundalini awakening. But the switch that there is really no singular me experientally has not occured. I still fall for stories, fears etc.

      Nice to read for u it changed everything tho. Lets hope the insights will settle down here someday to


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