Caught between Free Will and Fate

Free Will and Fate are the two extremes which have been debated upon for far too long. And the debate continues to rage on, because in our human form, it is not possible to peek behind the curtains to find who it is, that runs the show, and what is the basis upon which this […]

Where do I end and you begin ?

You think you are one singular entity. Have you questioned this belief ever ? According to you, your body from head to toe, and the mind and its’ contents together make you, you. Is this really what you think you are ? By making a statement that you (your name here) are a combination of […]

The Peculiar Case of the Verb ‘to be’

I try to approach self-realization┬áfrom as many directions as possible, so as to aid seekers to realize their true nature. That is the reason for this blog to exist. I try to keep religious terms out as much as I can, so as to not bar these most valuable teachings from potential awakeners. To those […]